The Soilless Magician


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

- Hippocrates -

celebrate your health

Get the worlds healthiest foods, in their healthiest state, delivered straight to your doorstep.

What makes our microgreens so powerful, is the fact that they are grown utilizing the best growing techniques known to wo/man today, while still leaving thee #1 natural resource as the basis for it all, the sun., we utilize a customized NASA' aeroponic solution to maximize yield and growth speed, colors and taste, nutritional value and smell. 

Our beautiful microgreens are well known all over Telaviv' Farmers market @ the port and in nearing chef restaurants, the mix of a clean product which is grown locally in a radius of 1-3 miles, is unheard of, we utilize farm2door, farm2market, farm2fork, & finally, our own technique, farm2mouth ™℠®©, the freshest you couldn't even imagine yet.

Our goal is to redefine the cuisines, and remind everyone, that longevity is a thing we should pursuit, this, is a longevity boost mixed with super tastes weve never encountered before.

Become part of the revolution, take control of your health, change everything.


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Enjoy the healthiest foods, in their cleanest state, alive, delivered to your doorstep

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The Soilless Magician

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Ofir, is an ex high tech guy that was always drawn to hydroponics, his earliest experiments 20 years ago opened a world of possibilities to him, as he began exploring these new  fringe super sustainable systems.

After 20 years in the IT high tech industry, he decided to make the inevitable move he was fantasizing about for years, and opened his first Microgreens Aeroponic Urban Micro Farm in the heartiest heart of Telaviv city.


Ofir takes his 20 years of experience in sophisticated systems mgt, documentation, tutoring, education, traveling and more, and combines them into a solution for challenges in the field of digital plant automation and living greens.

One of his major goals besides letting you have the best clean greens possible & the best nutrition level counts, is he is eager to teach you how to get sustainable, and grow your own food 365 right @ your home, regardless of its size.

By doing so, you will save more than 80% on all your food expenses and eliminate most, if not all of your diseases.

Ofir is also a 6 year vegan who is dedicated to saving the planet by all means necessary, and is well educated on nutrition, plantBased nutrition mostly, he has also taken the recent anti-plastic business decision, and  has ignited the move towards bio degradable 100% compostable packaging, along with the boutiques 0 waste striving policy, making TSM amongst the most sustainable businesses in the world.


In the spirit of minimizing his carbon footprint, Ofir also physically pedals to the Farmers market in TelAvivs Port @ Hangar 12 on Fridays with all his live produce, connected to his brand new trailer, you might get lucky and catch him @ 5 AM on his way...

The analog bicycle is also used  to deliver to his restaurant chefs, cooks, and private health aware customers , making his  carbon footprint virtually non existent, while also earning a vigorous exercise session to begin his work day, which usually begins @ 4:00 Am.

Ofir's main goal is to feed the local population with the best and freshest produce available, utilizing the best organic seeds and conditions, while keeping the plants alive until they get to 

their intended destination, leaving you, the customer ,the option to continue growing these magical greens in their boxes, an option never given to Israeli customers before.

This option is a game changer for the consumer, as it saves money by multiplying itself crop-weight wise in a matter of days, plus it eliminates the 
"good by date" parameter.

Welcome to "Eat as you grow"



For our microgreens production, we use the best seeds Israel has to offer for growers, and the outcome, as expected, marvelous, tasty, nutritious and uber clean.

Because microgreens are a quick crop that is so close to the seed, they are susceptible to diseases, leaving a lot of risk on the customers side if not dealt with properly, that is why we prefer not to harvest the product, you get it live, this option alone, eliminates a huge % of the risk.

(Organic seeds Certificate)