CSA Bronze Package 1

CSA Bronze Package 1

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Bronze Package 1 :
- 3 boxes of your choice,any type, living or harvested (harvested in that hour), a week.
- 4 delivieries a month (Weekly delivery {Sunday or Tuesday}).
  - Cheaper deliveries, 13 NIS, instead of 25 NIS, classic Telaviv analog bike delivery.
- 3 months long package (Exit option every month).
- Total in NIS for the whole package 90 days broken down as follows: 
25NIS a pack(instead of 25-35NIS a pack) x 3 = 75NIS a week.
75x4=300 a month
240x3=720NIS= TOTAL payment for this 90 day pkg.

300NIS monthly payment, week by week payments, per delivery payments or full sum upfront.




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